Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Random or Weird

Lea White tagged me to list 7 random or weird facts about myself. Now this proved rather difficult - nothing seemed random or weird enough. Anyway was on PCs couch this arvo and told him of my dilemma and he just headed for the computer and hey presto he emailed me a framework to work on - easy to see why he can do so many postings each week. Anyway thanks PC and sorry to those I've tagged, but I am actually interested to see your list.

1) With predictive texting, my name comes up as 'bomb'. Which some of you might say is perfect.

2) I'm related to Lord Nelson and Abraham Lincoln. True.

3) I've played four musical instruments in my life - violin, piano, bassoon and of course the recorder. Piano is my favourite, bassoon the most fun. Why I stopped playing them all is one of my regrets.

4) I used to be a lefty loser. I recovered from this socialist cancer, but it stuffed my immune system so now I can't overcome Non-Hodgkin's :o).

5) I own a house with a woman - but I’m not a lesbian (I know you all wonder). This is an increasing trend amongst those who don't want to live miles out of town, but can't afford a decent home, in a decent location by themselves. Now this definitely doesn't suit everyone, but Em & I are naturally brilliant - the key is keeping the money issues straight and keeping the palace clean and ordered.

6) My favourite album is the ‘Stranglers Collection 1977-1982.’

7) I hate, hate, hate, hate the colour purple. And I’m not too big on whistles either.

and a bonus fact
I'm a trader, an objectivist and a libertarian. Which means I make my own money, and I like to keep it.

So here's my tag list:
Not PC
Lang Mama
un-PC Lesbian
Mr Lineberry
Liberty Scott
Oswald Bastable
and probably in a vain attempt to end her idle blogging ways - Idle Vice - please come back!


Mrs Creosote said...

Individually we are naturally brilliant and together too! Thought it was important to set the record straight and take the opportunity to educate.

Mummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You are da bomb. Predictive says so. I also hope Idle V is encouraged to be less idle.

Anonymous said...

I've always had a appreciative chuckle when I type "bomb"! it says so much about you :)

Anonymous said...

why was the comment deleted?

Annie Fox! said...

Anonymous: I don't know why it was deleted - it wasn't my doing. Strange.

Elijah Lineberry said...

Do you mind if I ask how you are related to Lord Nelson? ..find that awfully impressive!

Anonymous said...

It was me, sorry, was logged in the wrong login.

Blimmin blogger/wordpress/blogspot, I can't keep up with myself.

lady lavender said...

For someone so logical, I can't understand your aversion to purple! I think you actually look good in it! :O)

Annie Fox! said...

Lady Lavender, it's not about logic, it's about aesthetics - purple is ugly :o)

Anonymous said...

purple as part of an outfit is ok, just not all purple

Annie Fox! said...

A very small part.

Anonymous said...

Mine looked ok on Saturday night