Monday, 17 November 2008


Was at the hospital last Thursday for a checkup with my Haematologist. Went to sit down in the comfy lazy boys to wait, to find three ladies discussing how to brighten up the space. They had a couple of complaints that it was too dark - strange really because the rest of us keep wanting the lights turned off.

Anyway the discussion went on and on, so I couldn't help putting my two cents in - especially when the solution was going to cost money. So I stated - what should have been bloody obvious to anyone with half a brain - that there was no spare cash in the health system. I think they decided not to go with the idea that cost money - couldn't be sure of course because they were taking the recommendation to some committee - jesus!

So that was a complete waste of 15-minutes of one receptionist and two administrators, the former being a valid position. This is the sort of thing that doctors and nurses - valid employees - and us poor taxpayers complain about. Administrators are like rabbits, get two together and they just keep multiplying. Culling is the inevitable solution, but a majority of managers don't do their jobs by keeping the non-productive to an absolute minimum.

The new pragmatic National government only plan to maintain bureaucrats at its current level - which is just a massive cop-out. They know that the bureaucrats levels are so high they are slowing New Zealands growth and prosperity, yet they do nothing about it. Pragmatic policiticans - aren't we lucky - not!


Anonymous said...

sometimes people are just making small talk to pass the time away

Annie Fox! said...

Gosh really! Boy I really was born to work alone.

Barnsley Bill said...

Annie, never fear.
I suspect national plan to maintain the headcount number. Not the roles. Expect to see a lot more "doers" in the public service over the next three years. They will be replacing the "meeters"

Annie Fox! said...

Barnsley, as hopeful as I'd like to be, I think you are all grasping at straws. All National Party voters I've spoken to are generally shocked that there is no plans at a reduction of bureaucrat numbers. Obviously they have some hearing problems.