Sunday, 16 November 2008

Okay, I give up

On election night I stopped by the dairy to get some snacks. Selected the desired junk food and headed to the till to pay, to discover that I'd forgotten my wallet. Turned around mumbling that I was an idiot and couldn't pay. A lovely young English girl offered to pay. I automatically declined, but she insisted a few more times. I thought to myself if situation was reversed I'd want to be able to help out and pay - so I took her up on kind offer.

Which brings me to my insistence on paying when friends take me out. I now know that you are just trying to show your love and support and don't deserve my wroth. So I apologies for my un-graciousness and agree that we take go back to the normal 'turn and about'.

On to a more serious issue. Many of you are aware that my niece is a liver transplant recipient. Over at Ramblings and Rumblings Lang Mama introduces us to David Poa ...

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