Monday, 2 March 2009

Identity theft

David Beckham, Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves have had their images/identities stolen by a Chinese company to promote a Viagra-like product. Justifiably they aren't happy with this theft and nor should they be - China is notorious for copyright theft but being the tricky dickies they appear to be, I can't see it ending anytime soon.

But this kind of thing goes down here in New Zealand by the biggest tricky dickies of all, the government. The government proudly promote Fred Dagg (John Clarke) on this website, whilst over at Kiwibank they advertise the bank using Fred's voice and character - without John Clarkes permission and definitely no payment. Of course none of us can really be surprised by this, the government is the biggest thief of all and why would we expect it's entities to act honourably, especially one set up by the biggest thief of all, Dr Cullen.

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Madeleine said...

I hate the Kiwibank ads. They're so.... Jim Anderton.

You know, the resistance, protest, join the movement theme - its so unionist/lefty/paranoid...