Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How profound

You know those little things in life that just frustrate the hell out of you. Those little irritations that make you wonder if you're really might have a mental illness for finding it so annoying, until you speak to others and find the same frustration has been brewing within them too.

Lately it's the pure lack of absorbency of 90% of the teatowels on the market - they are frankly quite waterproof (although I'm sure the ones pictured work a-okay). Yes I can see that this might sound like the rantings of a brain tumour patient, but this illustrates a long line of business incompetence and shocking productivity. From the manufacturer who obviously doesn't use the product, to the wholesaler who doesn't use the product to the retailer who doesn't use the product. Hours of manpower wasted, tonnes of materials wasted, shipping tonnage wasted ... all this activity for nought. They could have done the truly productive thing and shipped me Tanquery Gin instead.

Before anyone jumps on and says one needs to wash the teatowels before they are used, I'm up with the play here and can assure you that this practice is adhered to - in fact I wash them up to 10 times - but to no avail. I'm not sure what is deemed an acceptable number of wash times at the Teatowel Absorbency Commission, but 10 sounds excessive. Anyway at this point the teatowel is fired on the spot and lives out its short life as a useless welfare rag, just taking up space and contributing nothing. Eventually one of us uses it to wipe up some vile thing or other and it is sent on its merry way to the landfill - good riddance!

Anyway, I'm one of those people that dreams most every night and remembers it most every morning. My mind just throws together a strange mix of characters and thoughts into a weird - but not too often disturbing - tale. The other night I had a dream where I was making a speech (yes that bit was weird) proclaiming that the best ever possible gift, the gift that truly shows ones love and the gift that proclaims the highest respect, was the gift of your own rare and valuable pre-loved absorbent teatowels. How's that for profound?

Tune in tomorrow for the outrageous concept: politicians are just a bunch of arse!

The fact that there hasn't been one assassination on these 'troughers' probably says more about the tolerance of the Kiwiman or his stupidity. Mind you just about everyone are 'troughers' now days, and the rest are too busy working trying to keep this country afloat - hey, good luck with that one.

Mind you the fact that no one tried to burn down Mark Bryers (Blue Chip) house or at least give him a jolly good smack around the head, totally mystifies me too.

PS: You even need to wash Chux dishcloths now to get them working - what's with that.


homepaddock said...

Invest in some rubber gloves, use really hot water to wash the dishes, leave them to dry themselves and you won't need tea towels.

Cat said...

My boyfriend is obsessive about teatowels, and we are only allowed to use the coloured ones from Freedom Furniture. I agree that they are quite good...

Just a thought!

Annie Fox! said...

Homepaddock: Don’t worry we've got a dishwasher – and do try to just air dry - but something plastic always needs assistance.

Cat: good to know. That's your public service message for the day.

Anonymous said...

The answer to the tea towel problem - buy only 100% linen, or 60/40 linen/cotton. The very old fashioned ones our Mum used to use. They are harder to buy now, but often people have unused souvenir ones on Trade Me.

Wash before use too of course. And you can admire the pretty retro picture as you dry the dishes!

Annie Fox! said...

Thanks for the heads up - now I understand. TradeMe good plan.

Still, if something is being sold for a purpose, then it should bloody work for that purpose one would think.

Elijah Lineberry said...

Why not just employ a servant?

Annie Fox! said...

No I'm to independent to have 'staff' - it's strange enough to have a cleaner once a week. The less people around the better.

Elijah Lineberry said...

Ha ha!

I would hate to have to do anything of a 'domestic' nature for myself; all that washing up liquid and vacuuming ..eeeekkkk!

Kasper said...

Holy shit. Tell me about, those bloody tea towels! I bought myself some lovely shiraz glasses last year,$80.00 each,and every tea towel I use leaves fluff on them. Why can't I get fluff free and aborbant tea towels. Geezuz! We use tea towels to dry dishes, polish glass and the cutlery. Instead I get my glasses covered in smudge marks and engrained with cotton.
I'm sure it's a breach of the Fair Trading Act or Consumer Guarantees Act, or some such. Let's sue the bastards!

Annie Fox! said...

Yep I'm in.

Paul said...

Never understood it myself. I just by lots of hand towels and use those for dishes too, plenty absorbent.

lady lavender said...

Anna, Julia's por por sends me tea towels -- they are the only ones that work! And they cost Malaysian Ringgit $2-4 per piece!! YAY! The ones at the bach are fit for toilet paper! Floor mats are pretty much getting the same way!

Annie Fox! said...

The price of buying at The Warehouse I surpose.

peterquixote said...

I leave my teatowels looking pretty and show off on the towel rack.
They have low thread count, and the process to make them coloured, leaves a shiny surface on the threads.
Secretly then, I get ordinary cotton absorbent
or if not an old hand towel for drying.
Plastic is a substance that holds onto water molecules but nappies will work.
For the very discerning Kasper above, he could finish off with a flat micro mesh cloth to remove the fluff and fine particles.